Adaptive Communications Environment (ACE™)

  • Introduction to ACE™
  • Advanced ACE™ Development

Agile Software

  • Introduction to Extreme Programming
  • Advanced Extreme Programming


  • Modern C++ Programming in Actiont
  • The C++ Standard Library in Action
  • Advanced C++ Template Metaprogramming
  • Using the Boost libraries

Design Patterns

  • Introduction to Design Patterns
  • Advanced Design Patterns


  • Introduction Eclipse Plug-in Development
  • Advanced Eclipse Plug-in Development
  • Rich Client (RCP) Application Development

Model Driven Development

  • Introduction to the Eclipse Modeling Project: EMF, Model Query (MQ), Model Transaction (MT), Validation Framework (VF), Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF), Xtext, OCL, UML2.0
  • Building Textual Domain Specific Languages: ANTLR, Xtext
  • Building Diagramatic Domain Specific Languages: Draw2d, GEF, GMF

Software Defined Radio (SDR)

  • Introduction to the Software Communications Architecture
  • Advanced SDR Programming